Georgia Votes Together

One Overarching Goal

Thus the Georgia Pastors Christian Alliance is proud to launch our new initiative, the Georgia Votes Together Campaign.

This is a Vote By Mail Campaign.

This campaign has one overarching goal – increase voter turnout in Georgia for the November 3rd General Election. Click here to Vote Today

Our Quantitative Goals

Our quantitative goals are as follows:

Goal #1: 50 Church Partners to join the Campaign

Goal #2: 25,000 people in Georgia pledge to Vote By Mail

We pray you would consider supporting our campaign by pledging to VOTE BY MAIL and for churches to join our cause by becoming a partner.

We Are The Church!

We believe that our faith can and should speak as loud through our actions as do our words. We believe it is our God-given right and responsibility to participate in the selection through elections of our leaders at every level of government.

Therefore, we the Georgia Christian Pastor’s Alliance are doing our part to increase voter turnout for the November 3rd General Election.

Yes, we will be voting for President, Senator, and Congressional Leaders, but we will also be voting for state and local leaders as well.

Pastors and Churches We Invite You To Join Our Campaign!

If you are a church and/or pastor and would like to join our campaign locally or nationally please complete the form below:

-Georgia Christian Pastors Alliance